Digital Event Bag (DEB) is your event's Sponsor Marketplace!

It's a Win-Win for Events, Properties and Sponsors
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Digital Event Bag (DEB) is your event’s Sponsor Marketplace!

It’s a Win-Win for Events, Properties and Sponsors

What is the Digital Event Bag?

The Digital Event Bag is the online showcase for your sponsors. Full of individual offers created by your sponsors and administered by you, it provides weeks of access and engagement before, during and after your event. It also tracks engagement and provides specific lead generation information your sponsors can retrieve on demand.

The Digital Event Bag Sponsor Marketplace

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Lead Generation

When accepting the Terms of Service, visitors allow their email and other information to be reported to the sponsor when they engage with their placement.

More Visitors

Up to 75% of event participants visit a Virtual Event Bag!


This is 10x typical email campaigns!


Higher Engagement

Built in templates with video insertion and information downloads get attention and track interest.

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The amount of time it takes to collate gift bags is insane, and the time to ask sponsors to send their items is also time consuming.  The labor cost to do a physical bag outweighs the cost for Digital Event Bag solution and is environmentally friendly too!  And from a sponsor perspective, this is more engaging than stuffing paper into a bag.

Deborah Jones

Founder & President, Sponsorship Central

It was a great experience, easy to use, much more green than a traditional welcome bag.

Kathy Greenler Sexton

CEO, Subscription Show

GENYOUth had a wonderful experience with the Digital Event Bag! It served as a great benefit for our sponsors that allowed them to feature promotional offers and coupons which helped drive incremental business for them. We would definitely work with the Digital Event Bag team again in the future.

Natasha Freimark

Director, Marketing and Development, GENYOUth

I used the Digital Event Bag for’s Agile Operations Summit. It was a great perk to be able to offer our sponsors. They were all really excited to be able to market to attendees well before the conference was even taking place. Plus, with the reporting features, they could easily see who had visited their listing and it gave them additional access to leads they might not have gotten otherwise. It was super easy to set-up on the back end, and I could just invite each sponsor to add their listing. It only took a few minutes and our page was up and running!

Marketing Programs Manager

Connect your sponsors and your attendees with a Digital Event Bag!

It makes our lives easier and also improves
our relationship with our sponsors.

Laura Sanchez

Events Manager, The Running Zone Foundation

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Why Digital Event Bag?

Larry Weil, The Sponsorship Guy

"I have over $200 million of sponsorship transactions to my credit. Here's why I created Digital Event Bag to be a game changer for sponsored events.

~ Larry Weil -"