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Ideas for Ways to Use Digital Event Bag


Over 50% of sponsors are unhappy with the results of their sponsorship campaign.

Digital Event Bag will help you change that.

When you use Digital Event Bag to create a sponsor showcase, you create an evergreen destination for your fans to get special offers from your sponsors with a virtual swag bag. The sponsors get year-round lead generation and valuable data, such as email addresses of prospects who are actually interested in their product or service. You get to monitor the performance of the offers and increase the value of your partnerships.

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Some ways to use a Digital Event Bag:

Golf Tournament Digital Event Bag Example

Golf Tournaments

This format works well for fundraising events such as Golf, Banquets, and Food, Wine, and Beer festivals. Feature silent auctions and offers from your sponsors.

Holiday Lights Digital Event Bag Example

Holiday, Exhibits and Tourism

Make use of your visitor registration, email list and marketing campaign to reach out locally, regionally and nationally to tell your audience about your property. You don’t have to clutter up your venue with signs and promotions from your sponsors. You can post your Gift Bag or Marketplace in all of your social media, and outbound marketing. You can even post your own offers.

Conference Digital Event Bag Example

Conference or Trade Show

Dramatically increase engagement for your sponsors by increasing the size of the audience by 10x. Increase access to 90 days instead of just one or two days and watch your results for sponsors explode.

Sports Team Digital Event Bag Example

Sports, Teams and Events

Including Membership websites! Give your fans, members, and alumni access to sponsor offers year around. Sponsors love it and you have a way to share and track offers all year round.

Sustainability Event Digital Event Bag

Sustainability Events

Grow sponsor engagement while driving donations to sustainable causes using a Digital Event Bag. Give your sponsors the opportunity to schedule meetings with attendees and collect warm leads. Your sponsors will have access to their bag for 90 days, incentivizing them to sponsor your event today!

What if you could promise your sponsors warm leads?

Digital Event Bag is a tool that provides value to your sponsors by:

Acquiring warm leads.

All attendees who engage with your sponsors’ offerings will be summarized in a comprehensive analytics report. Your sponsor will be able to access a list of email addresses and job titles they can add into their CRM, share with their sales team, or connect with on Linkedin. Sponsors these days want more than logo placements and branding opportunities. You can give it to them.

Providing an interactive experience.

By supplying your sponsors with a landing page to showcase their company’s offerings (like giveaways, discount codes, and scheduling sales calls) you set them up for success.

Giving 60+ days of marketing reach.

Your sponsors can post their offerings up to 90 days before your event begins. Gone are the days of making sponsors compete against content during the day of the event. More time means more data for your sponsors!

Providing access to an audience outside of your event.

Digital Event bag will provide you with a landing page you and your sponsors can share anywhere. This means that people outside of the event will be able to interact and engage with your sponsors.

Collaborate with Sponsorship Pros!

We are here to collaborate with you. You are not on your own with Digital Event Bag. We are sponsorship professionals who are ready to help you figure out the best way to use this resource.

Event organizers will love this!

The amount of time it takes to collate gift bags is insane, and the time to ask sponsors to send their items is also time consuming.  The labor cost to do a physical bag outweighs the cost for Digital Event Bag solution and is environmentally friendly too!  And from a sponsor perspective, this is more engaging than stuffing paper into a bag.

DEBORAH JONES – Founder & President, Sponsorship Central

A wonderful experience!

GENYOUth had a wonderful experience with the Digital Event Bag! It served as a great benefit for our sponsors that allowed them to feature promotional offers and coupons which helped drive incremental business for them. We would definitely work with the Digital Event Bag team again in the future.

NATASHA FREIMARK – Director, Marketing and Development, GENYOUth

It was a great experience, easy to use, much more green than a traditional welcome bag.


Our sponsors were really excited about this!

I used the Digital Event Bag for’s Agile Operations Summit. It was a great perk to be able to offer our sponsors. They were all really excited to be able to market to attendees well before the conference was even taking place. Plus, with the reporting features, they could easily see who had visited their listing and it gave them additional access to leads they might not have gotten otherwise. It was super easy to set-up on the back end, and I could just invite each sponsor to add their listing. It only took a few minutes and our page was up and running!

Marketing Programs Manager,

Connect your sponsors and your attendees with a Digital Event Bag!

It makes our lives easier and also improves
our relationship with our sponsors.

Laura Sanchez

Events Manager, The Running Zone Foundation

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