Frequently Asked Questions

What do my sponsors get within the portal?

Once you sign up for your event the sponsors who come on board will receive their very own portal page to upload offers, redemptions, coupons, promotions, contests, brand awareness messaging — whatever they like — completely targeted to the event attendees

How soon do I need to have sponsors on board?

Sponsor’s pages can be added at any time, but it is best to have them ready to go before your awareness campaign to attendees begin so that they gain as much exposure as possible.

What is the general timing for outreach to attendees for the event?

Usually 30 Days before the event (or when your signup activity is peaking) and a week following, attendees receive an invitation email with a link to visit their Digital Event Bag from your event — a bonus for attending.  They can then view, save and redeem the items that are of interest to them.

How do I pay to have Digital Event Bag as part of my sponsorship offering?

You will be able to set up payment online in the software platform.

What if I need help getting set up?

Most event managers find all the info they need on the platform’s reference materials. But if you get stuck, we can set up a call.

Will there be any assistance on how to maneuver through the portal?

We provide very straightforward step by step instructions.

When will I see a profit from this investment?

It all depends on how you set it up but generally our clients charge sponsors starting at $500 to participate (or roll it into the overall sponsorship).  So after about 5 sponsors come on board you will break even and then start to see additional revenue generated.The flat fee of $2500 can be recovered quickly and then everything after that is profit for your event. You control the pricing and can bundle it to help close large packages (and increase the value of the package) or you can offer it to companies with smaller budgets or who can’t be present at your event.

Here are some examples:

20 Digital Event Bags at an average price of $500 = $10,000 . minus cost of $2,500+ $7,500 profit

Given that many events have sponsorships starting at $5,000 and up, prospects jump at even a $1,000 price tag.