How It Works

Deb Showing How The Digital Event Bag Works

Increase sponsorship revenue by giving your sponsors a tangible ROI!


Sell to Sponsors

Include a Digital Event Bag offer placement in your sponsorship packages or offer it as an add-on item for sponsors to purchase ala carte. There are even a few different placement levels you can sell.


Create the Bag

You create your branded digital goodie bag with the logo, colors, and branding of your event or business. It is easy to create and you can get setup in a matter of minutes.


Sponsors Create Offers

Invite your sponsors to create their placement in your Digital Event Bag. They can choose from several offer types available to them and get setup in four easy steps.


Send to Attendees

Send the digital goodie bag to your attendees or customers through email, social, app link, however you are already doing your marketing.

Your sponsors can share it, too!


Attendees Engage

Attendees enter their information, scroll through the sponsors’ offers and engage with items that interest them. They can enter contests, download a discount code, and many others.


Sponsors See ROI

All user/offer interactions are tracked and information is collected in the reporting section in your virtual event bag. Your sponsors have easy, real-time access see leads generated by their offer giving them a tangible ROI!

Brand Your Bag

Digital Event Bag allows you to make each event landing page (otherwise known as a digital event bag or virtual event bag!) your own. Each page can be customized with your brand’s logo, color palette, and more.

Logo & Info

Upload your logo, your website URL, and your event date to share all your important details with anyone who visits your page. Each virtual event bag is completely unique and bespoke to its coordinating event.

Custom Colors

Upload your logo, your website URL, and your event date to share all your important details with anyone who visits your page. Each virtual event bag is completely unique and bespoke to its coordinating event.

Custom Background

You have the option to upload a background image of your choice to further personalize your digital goodie bag to match your event’s brand or theme.

The Digital Event Bag platform makes it simple to customize your event landing page to your event. Start designing ahead of time to maximize results!

Make it easy for sponsors to create, share, and track their offers and connect with those engaging with them.

For any properties that have tried and failed to compete with other opportunities based on audience size or reach, data will enable them to stop playing a game they cannot win and instead offer real value that smart sponsors want.

Jim Andrews

A-Mark Partnership Strategies

Views, Engagement, Sources

In the Digital Event Bag reports section, both you and your sponsors can track offer and bag views, user engagement, and traffic sources.  

Sponsors can check how their offer is performing throughout the campaign and make adjustments to campaign images and copywriting as needed.

Warm Leads for Sponsors

Sponsors to collect warm leads in exchange for their participation as a sponsor. This offers an exponentially higher amount of value than simply broadcasting their logo on a screen!

By providing sponsors with accessible data, they can make smarter business decisions regarding their offerings, and it allows you to prove ROI, enticing them to come back as sponsors for future events!

Reporting and analytics for sponsors

Leads & Analytics

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What’s included in your Digital Event Bag?

  • Full access to the Digital Event Bag “powered by ACTIVE” before, during, and after the event
  • All the resources needed to get your bag up and running
  • Sharable “how to” guides for your sponsors to easily get their page set up
  • Email templates, social media content for posts and more to attract attendees to your Digital Event Bag
  • Access to your own Digital Event Bag dashboard for real-time tracking and report downloads for sponsors
  • Online support for any questions
  • Unlimited sponsor sign up
  • Flexibility to bundle sponsor participation cost into overall sponsorship or as an add-on

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Connect your sponsors and your attendees with a Digital Event Bag!

It makes our lives easier and also improves
our relationship with our sponsors.

Laura Sanchez

Events Manager, The Running Zone Foundation

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