It’s not just a virtual event bag

by | Oct 1, 2022

It’s not just a virtual event bag.

A digital event bag is not just for virtual events. It’s the perfect way to showcase your sponsors’ offers. Whether you’re hosting an in-person event or an ongoing experience, consider using a sponsor showcase to highlight everything you have to offer. 

It’s becoming more and more clear that cheap, disposable swag bags are not a long term solution for leveraging growth with your event attendees. A digital event bag is a bit of a misnomer – it’s not meant to simply replace swag. Instead, it’s digital marketing software that you can provide your sponsors to gather warm leads.


What is a sponsorship showcase?

A sponsor showcase is a landing page where sponsors can place offers, capture emails, and save information about warm leads (the people who were intrigued enough to click on your offer!). It’s an easy-to-access event hub – a link that you can send to attendees where everything is in one place. This includes your links as an event host – things like wifi passwords, conference brochures, upcoming event calendars, and more can be stored at this link as well. 

From the beginning of your event promotion calendar through the end of your event, you can use the software for marketing. 

Picture this: one website that provides attendees with dates, ticketing information, and sponsor offers. Give your sponsors 90 days of marketing instead of two or three days from a traditional event goodie bag. You’ll expose your attendees to their offers before, during, and after the life of the event.

Use digital marketing software to entice sponsors

It’s a great argument for why potential sponsors should sign on and start sponsoring your event now, rather than later. If your event is a weeks-long event like a sports season or experiential event, that works too! You can see what offers and links are performing well, and even suggest that sponsors switch things up. They can view their digital event bag data at any time. You could even call them and ask if they’ve sold out of their special offer, as you notice the number of clicks skyrocketing. 

So while it’s called a virtual event bag, that’s just one way that you can use it. It’s a sustainable and more effective replacement for event bags, but it’s so much more. One landing page can do a lot for your event.

Sustainability Event Digital Event Bag

Want to see real-life examples?

Check out these to get some inspiration for your next event.

Ultimately, when considering what goes in a virtual swag bag, you want to think about your audience, your event, and your sponsors. The most successful offers will be ones that hit a balance of the needs of all three.

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