Packages & Pricing


Each Digital Event Bag package is designed to provide opportunities to maximize engagement and enhance partnerships.

Professional Edition

Perfect for: Endurance events with expos, conferences and small consumer expos.

Ultimate Edition

Perfect for: Tradeshows, business conferences and large consumer expos.

Every Digital Event Bag comes with these standard features!

Company Invitations

Invite companies to create placements in your bag and manage the entire process.

Content Builder

Invited companies build placements in this easy-to-use tool. No design expertise required.

Manage Placements

When placements arrive in your bag, control the order, view details or even edit.

Upload Audience

Upload your list or sync your attendees 
by connecting to your registration provider.

Performance Reports

Instantly monitor the overall activities and performance for each placement in your bag.

Bag Promotion

Use the widget for promoting on your website and unique link for social or mobile apps.

Sponsor Logos

Upload logos which display as simple images along the bottom of your bag.

Settings & Schedule

Control the bag settings and manage the schedule of activities in the process.

Package Features

Professional Ultimate
Bag Settings
Base Features (listed above)
Audience Size 20,000 Unlimited
Bag Open Duration (up to) 60 Days 90 Days
Advanced Bag Settings
Audience-only Access
Custom Branding: See Virtual Swag Bag Examples
Event Mobile App Promotion
White-Label Solution
Featured Placements 6 6
Standard Placements Unlimited Unlimited
Video-enabled Placements
Giveaway & Contest Placements
Content Search
Appointment & RSVP Placements
Content Tag & Sorting
Invitation Emails 3 3
Audience Export (Lead Generation)
Placement Report Engagement Lists
Export Engagement Lists
Customize Engagement Report
Comprehensive Training Materials
Technical Support for System
Strategy Consultation with Sponsorship Expert
List Price* $2,500 $5,000

*Discounts may be available for bulk purchases.

Deborah Jones

Event organizers will love this!

The amount of time it takes to collate gift bags is insane, and the time to ask sponsors to send their items is also time consuming.  The labor cost to do a physical bag outweighs the cost for Digital Event Bag solution and is environmentally friendly too!  And from a sponsor perspective, this is more engaging than stuffing paper into a bag.

DEBORAH JONES – Founder & President, Sponsorship Central

A wonderful experience!

GENYOUth had a wonderful experience with the Digital Event Bag! It served as a great benefit for our sponsors that allowed them to feature promotional offers and coupons which helped drive incremental business for them. We would definitely work with the Digital Event Bag team again in the future.

NATASHA FREIMARK – Director, Marketing and Development, GENYOUth

Kathy Greenler Sexton

It was a great experience, easy to use, much more green than a traditional welcome bag.


Our sponsors were really excited about this!

I used the Digital Event Bag for’s Agile Operations Summit. It was a great perk to be able to offer our sponsors. They were all really excited to be able to market to attendees well before the conference was even taking place. Plus, with the reporting features, they could easily see who had visited their listing and it gave them additional access to leads they might not have gotten otherwise. It was super easy to set-up on the back end, and I could just invite each sponsor to add their listing. It only took a few minutes and our page was up and running!

Marketing Programs Manager,

Connect your sponsors and your attendees with a Digital Event Bag!

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