What Should I Put in a Virtual Swag Bag?

by | Jul 22, 2022

What Should I Put in a Virtual Swag Bag? Digital Swag Bag Ideas
When planning a conference or event, one of the things you need to consider is the virtual goodie bag you’ll give to attendees. Virtual goodie bags aim to increase engagement and boost brand awareness. Consider utilizing a virtual swag bag for your next event, even if it’s in person.
A virtual swag bag is a great way to get your sponsors’ offers to your event attendees while being kind to the planet. You can even personalize the contents of the bags based on event tracks or other demographic features. And you’ll make your sponsors happy, because you can provide them with data and reporting that shows how their offers performed. That’s the kind of nitty gritty information that sponsors are looking for.
Sports Team Digital Event Bag Example

What to Put in a Virtual Swag Bag

The type of offers and content that go in the virtual goodie bag will depend on sponsors’ products and services as well as their intended goals. The key is in the offer quality, not just giving something for the sake of it. Attendees will benefit more and have more fond feelings toward the brand if it’s something that they can actually take advantage of. That said, here are some ideas of what you can include in your virtual event bag.

Event information, offers and contact info

You likely have a website for your event, but consider including pertinent information for your event itself (addresses or keynote links) as well as discount offers to attend your event, and greeting videos. It’s an easy way to keep everything in one place, making the experience smoother for your attendees.

Discounts and coupons

Sponsors often give specific discounts or coupons for event attendees. By offering your attendees digital event bags, you can feature those offers front and center.

Digital gifts

This one may depend on the event industry or sponsor category, but most companies and organizations have digital gifts they can offer. Think of items like courses, videos, or access to apps and software.

Gift cards

This is a fun one! Consider working with a sponsor to include a gift card, either for their product or for something entirely different. Especially if your event is virtual, it’s a nice way to give your attendees a perk. Whether you go generic or highly specific, your attendees are sure to remember this one.

Golf Tournament Digital Event Bag Example

Want to see real-life examples?

Check out these to get some inspiration for your next event.

Ultimately, when considering what goes in a virtual swag bag, you want to think about your audience, your event, and your sponsors. The most successful offers will be ones that hit a balance of the needs of all three.

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