What to Offer Sponsors for an Event

by | Dec 2, 2022

What to Offer Sponsors for an Event

You’re wondering what to offer sponsors for an event. We get it, you’re putting on an event that delivers quality content, attracts niche audiences, and is guaranteed to delight your attendees. It seems like your event would be any sponsor’s dream, right?

Not so fast. Sponsors aren’t motivated to give your event money just because they believe in your mission statement. High value sponsors expect their dollars spent to produce customers and revenue. If you can provide your sponsors with proof that your event produces fresh leads, then getting sponsors, and keeping those sponsors year after year, will be a piece of cake.

One mistake that I see event professionals make is focusing the majority of their energy on their sponsorship packages. Instead, I suggest that you begin by thinking about WHY your ideal sponsor would choose to invest in a sponsorship in the first place. If you’re wondering how to get sponsorship for an event, I recommend starting with your sponsorship attraction strategy first. Before you start developing sponsorship ideas for events, let’s first consider a sponsor’s point of view and end-goals.

Data & ROI:

  • Sponsors love data. It helps them see how their sponsorship dollars will align with your audience and it helps them understand what they may get out of their sponsorship.
  • Provide potential sponsors with data about your event. This can include analytics of the marketing from previous years, open rates from email campaigns, event attendee counts, and more.
  • Set up all your digital marketing campaigns with quality tracking and analytics software. This will help you show sponsors the impact of partnering with your event.
  • We know ROI can be tricky to prove. However, in the digital age, we have a plethora of options for tracking sponsorship efforts and lead generation for sponsors for an event. Proving sponsor ROI doesn’t have to be difficult.

Customization for their chosen promotion:

  • Sponsors crave data and brand recognition. That said, I’ve seen firsthand that sponsors are over the moon when you offer them an option to customize an offering that will be sent out to your whole audience to engage with.
  • They might have a specific goal or product they’d like to focus on for the event and you can give them the opportunity to present this, track it, and generate leads.
A virtual swag bag for events is an excellent option to offer your sponsors that will help them achieve their business goals, which is why they are sponsoring your event in the first place. A Digital Event Bag allows sponsors to advertise in a way that receives 10 times more engagement than a paper program or even custom event swag.

A Digital Event Bag can be used for live or virtual events and is the perfect way for event sponsors to engage with the audience, convert them to leads, and track the ROI. Event managers sell sponsorship placements either within their existing sponsorship packages or as a la carte add on.

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