Why Digital Event Bag?

For access to a professional sponsorship expert!

Larry Weil

Getting and keeping sponsors isn’t easy, especially these last few years. I know because I’ve been in the sponsorship and event business for 20 years.

I’m always scanning the environment for better, faster and easier ways to get and keep sponsors.

If you use Digital Event Bag as intended, it will significantly increase sponsorship value for virtual, live, or hybrid events.

Unlike other virtual event bag providers, I am a sponsorship expert and understand the context you operate in every day. One of the benefits of using this software is that you get access to me! I love talking shop about sponsorship strategy. I am here to offer tactical and strategic support, not just tech support.

Shoot me your questions and I will usually respond in an hour or two during business hours. If you want to dive in, set up a demo and we will spend 40 minutes going through the complete front end and back end.

I look forward to working with you!

-Larry Weil, TheSponsorshipGuy.com

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